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2013 Wally Richards Cup & Annual Dinner

Donnington Valley Hotel, Newbury.
Donnington Valley Golf Club, Newbury.
Friday 25th - Saturday 26th October 2013

On a lovely Autumn day, members from all over the country headed for Newbury to compete for the Wally Richards Cup and to attend the 2013 Annual Dinner.
For those staying over, there was the option to play for the Shaughnessy Swish on the Saturday.

2013 Wally Richards Cup

Phil Spracklen, Howard Rowley
& Pete Jefferies.

Les Southall, Jan Brown
& Tim Shaughnessy.

Andy Burnett, Bob Williams
& Dave Hawes.

Ken Beresford, Roy Jackson
& Alec Bath.

Sam Lockie, Pat Wyatt (C)
& David Hughes.

Richard Taylor, Giuseppe Lo Bue
& Gordon Shirreffs.

Simon Homans, Chris Hughes
& Dave Arnall.

Maron Wyatt, Mick Dean
& Alex Gretton.

Dave Wiggett, Chris Dean
& Kristian Wyatt.

Steve Simmons, John Wyatt
& Tristan Gretton.

Malcolm Slawson, Alan Gregory
& Andy Gretton.

The course was in great shape.
The appearance of 'ball sized'
white mushrooms in the semi-rough
together with a great number of
leaves of various colours made
'ball finding' somewhat problematic.

2013 Annual Dinner

Trophy Table.

Raffle prizes.

McAlpine Cup Winner: David Hughes.

Captain's Cup Winner: Howard Rowley.

Earl of Dudley Cup Winners:
Howard Rowley (& Dan De Luca
& John Sutton ER).

Vice Presidents' Cup Winner: Alec Bath.

Arthur Pinfold Cup Winner: John Wyatt.

Dr Newnham Cup Winners:
John Wyatt & Tim Shaughnessy.

Bert Cowlard Trophy Winners:
John Wyatt & Simon Homans.

President's Cup Winner: Pat Wyatt.

Autumn Cup Winners:
Roy Jackson, Pat Wyatt (& John Bolger).

Past Captains' Cup Winner: Tim Shaughnessy.

Sir James Milne Trophy Winner: Tim Shaughnessy.

Wally Richards Cup Winner: Tim Shaughnessy.

In the bar

The 'irrepressible' Tim Shaughnessy.

Richard Taylor.

Gordon Shirreffs, Roy Jackson & Pat Wyatt (C).

Ken Beresford & Russell Nicholas.

Alan Gregory & Andy Burnett.

Pete Jefferies & Dave Hawes.

Chris Hughes, Howard Rowley
& David Hughes.

Pat Wyatt (C) & Alec Bath.

Bob Williams & Jan Brown.

David & Chris Hughes.

Gordon Shirreffs & Roy Jackson.

Denzel Howard, Les Southall & Malcolm Slawson.

Kristian Wyatt, Alec Bath & Sam Lockie.

Chris Dean, Maron Wyatt,      
      Andy Gretton & John Wyatt.

Alex Gretton & Mick Dean.

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